Cinema : Eternal (Ash is purest white), Wardi, Casting… discoveries of the week

Anecdotes of the filming, memoranda, information movie fans : every week, check out the behind the scenes of the cinema. Santiago, Italia by Nanni Moretti With Nanni Moretti did you know ? The adventure of Santiago, Italia began in the spring of last year. Nanni Moretti was in Santiago for a conference and the Italian ambassador had spoken to him of the two young diplomats who had decided to accommodate political dissidents. “I discovered a beautiful story of Italian hospitality and courage, an example of how individuals can make a difference. It was a story of my youth, when I thought back to the importance that it had had at that time the chilean experience, the figure of president Allende and then the upheaval of the coup. It is thus that I put myself to work : forty hours of interviews, not only to talk about the Chile but also Italy, the country that has most helped,” reveals the filmmaker. Wardi trailer VF Wardi Mats Grorud, With Pauline Ziade, Aïssa Maïga, Saïd Amadis… did you know ? The mother of Mats Grorud has worked as a nurse in Lebanon during the war, in the 1980s. When she returned to Norway, she told the future director and the rest of his family in the life of children in the camps. He recalls : “She told us that one day, peace would return and we would go all together there. In 1989, we moved to Cairo. I was 12 years old and I was enrolled in an egyptian school with my little sister. I remember very well having been to Jerusalem and to the Gaza strip at Christmas time in 1989. It was snowing and every corner of the street, palestinian children were the V for victory sign with their hands. Children of my age. It was during the first Intifada.” The Eternal (Ash is purest white) trailer VO The Eternal (Ash is purest white), Jia Zhangke With Zhao Tao, Liao Fan, Xu Zheng… did you know ? The character played by Zhao Tao is inspired by two other characters that she has played in unknown Pleasures in 2002 and Still Life in 2006. Desiring to simplify the plot of these films, Jia Zhangke in at the time had cut some love scenes. It is in the watching that he had the idea of this love story tormented between a woman and a leader of the underworld, as told over several years. Casting trailer VO Casting of Nicolas Wackerbarth With Andreas Lust, Judith Engel, Milena Dreißig… did you know ? Nicolas Wackerbarth was born in 1973 in Munich, where he studied comedy at the Bavarian Theater Academy. He became a permanent member of the theatre Städtische Bühnen in Cologne. He then examines the achievement at the German Film and TV Academy (DFFB) in Berlin. The director teaches at several German Film Academies, and is also co-editor of the magazine Revolver. He lives in Berlin. Nice Girls Don’t Stay for Breakfast trailer VO Nice Girls Don’t Stay for Breakfast, Bruce Weber, With Robert Mitchum, Dr. John, Benicio Del Toro… did you know ? Through this documentary, Bruce Weber seeks to show how Robert Mitchum, that we tend to label it as a hard-to-cook subscribed to westerns and war movies, has spent his life looking for : “I realized that I realized, in fact, a movie about a sex symbol aging, which happened to be a man – and not, as usual, Jane Russell or Lana Turner”.

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